Free Unique Hit Counter !

Free Online Text Based Unique Hit Counter !
Our free "Unique Hit Counter" helps you to track unique hits / unique pageviews on your website. The Unique Hit Counter / Pageview Counter code is extremely simple & easy to integrate into your existing web page. To add the Unique Hit Counter to your site, simple select the hit counter color you like from the selection below and get the html code you need to add into your website by just clicking on "Generate Code" button. Simply copy & paste the generated code into any website / webpage you want to count strikes..


Unique Counter !






Unique Hit Counter Installation Instructions:

In order to use the Unique Hit Counter, you must have access to your own HTML code. To get started, just copy & paste the above code it into your webpage where you would like your free counter to be..

<title> ... </title>

If your website was built with a web-based editor, such as Geocities or Yahoo! sites, make sure you are editing your HTML and not just adding text to your page.

You may use tables or other HTML formatting tools to position the counter table on your site.

Reset your Hit Counter !

To reset your counter to zero or any other count, follow the below steps.
Remove the current counter script from your web page and place the below code.
<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>
For example, if you want to start your counter from 5000, please follow the below code.
<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>
After execuiting the above, please replace the same with your previous code.